Less Expensive Removals

Low Cost Wart Removal

Treating warts with the doctor can be an expensive treatment. The methods used in the doctor’s office can successfully remove warts, but there are also some less expensive wart removal methods same as mole removal that won’t leave you broke. Consider your wart removal treatment carefully to find the best method for your situation. Always have skin growths evaluated by a doctor to be sure that they are not dangerous skin conditions. Once you have information from the doctor about your skin growth, you can search for home wart removal methods.

There are a number of low cost wart removal cream treatments that you can use at home without treatment from a doctor. Duct tape is often used to eliminate a wart over a few weeks time. The tape is applied directly to the wart and changed after a few days. The wart may need to be pumice to remove the growth. Soak the area to soften the wart before using a pumice.

Castor oil is another treatment that is commonly used as a wart removal treatment. The oil is applied to the skin twice a day until it is eliminated. You may have to use a pumice with this treatment as well.
Try these low cost wart removal treatments before seeking medical treatments for your skin growths. Remember to have the growth evaluated by your doctor first to be sure that you are dealing with a harmless wart. These methods will save you money and get rid of the wart in a short time if you are committed to your wart removal treatment.